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Our mission is to enable a generation of people to walk the pathway to mastering our emotions, money narratives and behaviors to live a flourishing life. 

The Flourishing Life Movement

We are embarking on a global strategy to inspire, equip and cultivate good practices of financial-emotional resilience and wellbeing for young people, families and educators. We use innovative techniques such as experiential learning, games, collective storytelling, the creative arts and personalised learning approaches to bring out the best in our learners as we practice virtues in action.  


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For you

How does money make you feel? Join a global community of practitioners in uncovering your money narratives and find enabling narratives for a flourishing life

For Businesses

Do good and do well.
We provide corporate training, CSR programs, and innovation services customised for the needs of your company            

For Schools

A wide range of financial education programs that guarantee fun and engagement for all ages through real world creation, scenario building, storytelling and role play

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