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The Future Of Work & Money for Youths

Ever wondered how the future would look like? Join us as we dive deeper and be the creators of our own future.

 1. 8 forms of capital for a flourishing life
2. What are Money Narrative
3. Create your own Money Monster
4. 5 pillars of money - Save, Earn, Give, Spend & Invest
5. How do different professionals handle their budget
6. Money & Me: My personal Budget exercise
7. Habits of mind 1: Self Control
8. Habits of mind 2: Good Debt and Bad Debt

This is a self-directed course that you can do at your own time! Suitable for ages 13 to 18 and up.

Future of Investing for Children

The Future Of Investing for Children

Ever wondered what goes behind the scenes with investing? How will we explain this to children? Join us as we dive deeper and begin the conversations about investing.

Get Full access to Online course materials for Future of Investing. Walk through with your children and learn together! 

1. Know that investing is about time, talent, treasure & the 8 forms of capital in investing
2. Understand that all stocks are businesses
3. What is a stock market?
4. World events that impact the stock market and access  exercises on how your favourite companies and the impact in the world 
5. Learn how a bank works?
6. Understand compound interest and how money can be saved over time!

This is a self-directed course that you can do at your own time! Suitable for ages 9 to 12. We recommend parents do this course with their children! 

Testimonials - Hear what our users have said! 

Thank you PlayMoolah, you really helped me and my life. I wouldn’t have understood it without you! 

- John Paul, 8 years old

Dear Mrs Audrey, I learnt that there are 8 financial capitals. I think I can apply social capital to my life as i am not so good at socializing. Then I learnt that innovation creates unique products which solves a lot of problems. I also want to be able to build something which helps many people. I think that the lessons you give me are interesting and meaningful. I hope there are more kind teachers like you. 

- Lucas Pang, 11 years old

We love how PlayMoolah designed the content of the workshop. It was insightful & interactive. It is good if the parents are also available nearby to understand the content so skills can be built over future parent-child conversations. Thank you!

- Jummy, Parent 


​​Thanks Audrey and team for the immense love, care, time and patience in putting this course together and planting the seeds in our kids for future growth!

- Silvia Ng, Parent