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Honesty Circles: Changing Your Money Narratives on The Flourishing Life Academy

What you'll get:

  • Discover what money narratives are 
  • Find your limiting or false money narrative
  • Learn the tools you can use to shape positive money narratives
  • Learn skills of empathetic listening, effective communication through the difficult topics
  • You will get access to reading materials, to help you determine your old and new money narrative. Get access to reflection exercises that you can do to help you uncover the hidden and rewrite new narratives.

See what our participants have said

When I first heard about Playmoolah's Honesty Circle, I felt it could provide some answers to the challenges I face in discussing finances at home. I am glad I've taken the step to join the Honesty Circles, where I could hear authentic sharing from other participants on discovering money narratives and its origins in a safe environment. What is encouraging to me personally, is the knowledge and assurance that I can make shifts to define new money narratives for myself and my family, which could potentially improve my communications with my husband and our family life. 

- Evangeline, Parent  

“Being someone who has experienced Honesty Circle, I strongly believe that this is a programme that everyone should attend to understand their own money narratives.

Through the sessions, I became aware of how my unhealthy money narratives hindered me from progressing and reaching my fullest potential. Although money has always been a sensitive topic to talk about, the facilitators ensured psychological safety and empowerment. I love the stories sharing and the collective wisdom that was generated as a result of our discussion. What I enjoyed and benefited most out of it was the introspective moments when I was given time to reflect and make sense of my own money narratives.

From then on, I definitely have a much healthier relationship with money now! Thanks PlayMooLah for organising and facilitating such a meaningful programme!”

- Matthew Koh, Founder of The Positive Arena

"Honesty Circles has helped me uncover hidden money narratives that I never realised were causing me undue stress and anxiety when it comes to money. It explained why I was afraid to deal with money, and would become very calculative when spending money either for myself or others. Through Honesty Circles, I now see money as a gift that allows me to invest in myself and others more freely. I now feel more empowered to use money to bless others and myself in a meaningful and flourishing way." 

Nicholas Lye, 39 years old

"Honesty Circle has been beneficial in helping me to identify money narratives that I didn’t realise I had. With awareness, it gives me the freedom to choose the money narratives that suit me in my current stage of life and thus unlocking my own potential. I also appreciate the collective wisdom that we gain through the honest sharing in the circle."

Winifred Ling, 43 years old